My agent has done group application submission for tourist visa subclass 600 Australia.

Just i need to know how can I check online of submission proof by using my passport details


  • Did your agent give you a Transaction Reference Number (TRN) for the application? – k2moo4 Jan 20 at 21:09
  • No he didnt give any trn so far but like to ck online its submitted or not – Ali Baba Jan 20 at 21:30
  • And maximum how much time it take to get approved my visa because , done 40 candidate's submittion at a time. – Ali Baba Jan 20 at 21:35
  • For Subclass 600 visas, applications are processed as follows: 75% of applications in 16 days; and 90% of applications in 27 days. Source: immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/… . There is advice for checking your application status if you have applied online, here: immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/… - however this may not include submission via an agent. – Robyn Jan 21 at 0:53

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