I am booking hotels/hostels in Europe through booking.com. Soon I'll apply for Schengen visa. Problem is, all the third party sites like booking, agoda, expedia show only my name as the guest. Shouldn't the confirmation email show my spouse's name also? Otherwise, how is he going to prove his accommodation booking to the embassy?

I'm yet to find a source from where I can book with free cancellation and the booking will show both person's names. Anybody has any recommendation?

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    The booking should show 2 guests, and the visa applications should show you’re travelling together? – Traveller Jan 19 at 15:33
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    The fact that you are married and traveling together should be enough for a two-guest hotel reservation in your name to serve as his proof of accommodation. – phoog Jan 19 at 18:45
  • @phoog care to make that an answer? – JonathanReez Mar 22 at 0:40

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