I know that green edging strips are used on bag tags for flights originating in the EU. Some (but not all) of the tags on bags I've checked in Malaysia have had orange edging - what does that signify? I've also seen tags with red edges - what does that signify? And are any other colors used?

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  • Is this previous question relevant? – Weather Vane Jan 14 at 16:04
  • No, the previous question only refers to what I already stated in my question regarding green edging. I was specifically asking about other colors - orange, red and any others. – CLW Jan 14 at 17:51

The colored strips are just for the convenience of the baggage handling staff. They make it easier to find your own company’s tag or luggage. Some countries also mandate particular colors so that they know which luggage originates from which country.

As long as the colored area remains outside of the barcode’s quiet zone, they can be any color or multiple colors or even text and logos.

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    Eh, no. As stated in the question: Luggage originating from airports within the EU have luggage tags with green edges to simplify customs clearance when arriving at another EU airport. – Tor-Einar Jarnbjo Jan 14 at 16:51

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