I'm a Russian citizen with a national Austrian residence permit. I hold an EEA FP for a short vacation in the UK on April, 12-21 2019 together with my Austrian family.

With hard Brexit looming on the horizon and uncertainty in regard to the freedom of movement, I'd like to hedge my bets and apply for a Standard Visitor Visa for me and our child who holds a Russian/Austrian dual citizenship.

Am I risking my EEA FP being cancelled by applying for such a visa?
Or are they completety independent?
Or would my current EEA FP actually make it easier for me to get a visa?

(The general plan is to apply next week, pay for two applications and get an appointment for the end of February (tricky, since appointments in Vienna are hard to come by). Then cancel the appointments and get the refund if the travel regulations are clearer by then.)

  • Your child doesn't need a visa, just the Austrian passport. – Michael Hampton Jan 11 at 16:42
  • @Michael Hampton True, my child doesn't need a visa now, but after 29.03? Who knows! – Ewige Studentin Jan 11 at 17:01

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