I am planning to go to Oulu in February for 4 days. What are the chances of seeing Aurora Borealis and are there some tours available? Would there be a significantly better chance of seeing the aurorae further north in Rovaniemi?

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    Not really an answer, but there are forecast websites like this: aurora-service.eu/aurora-forecast . They can help you get the feel for the places you have to go to for the best chances. – Ewige Studentin Jan 10 at 18:18
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    Please, we don't need to close as "opinion-based" just because the question says "better". – David Richerby Jan 11 at 12:29
  • I fail to understand how is it an opinion based question. I have asked if there are tours available from Oulu. I also asked if there is a better chance if I travel to Rovaniemi. The answer for this could be yes or no based on what people have experience in past. – Arpit Bajpai Jan 11 at 13:01

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