I have a United States driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement, the associated IDP, and I have been riding motorcycles for years. I've also previously rented motorbikes in Thailand and China for extended periods of time.

I want to buy a typical 100-150cc motorbike in Hanoi and ride into Laos and Cambodia and back into Vietnam.

  • I want to do everything legally and have my travel insurance cover me in case something happens.
  • It's my understanding that Vietnam does not accept IDPs, so I would need to get an actual Vietnamese motorbike license.


  • Considering I have a full motorbike license in the USA and the IDP, how quickly can I get a motorbike license in Vietnam?
  • Which agency would you recommend I go with to help me get this license, and how long would it take to get?
  • Am I able to legally cross into and ride in Laos and Cambodia with either a Vietnamese license or an American license with IDP?
  • Is there no way to cross into Thailand on a Vietnamese motorbike if the blue card isn't in your name?
  • Any recommendations on motorbike models to get? I'd like to avoid the ubiquitous Honda Win since they seem to have a lot of problems.

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  • As of three years ago when I was there it was illegal for foreigners (non-citizen) to own or even rent vehicles without a driver. We all did, of course. Lonely Planet indicates that foreigners with IDP can now rent cars, though no agency will rent one without a driver. – Roddy of the Frozen Peas Jan 11 at 2:37