I wanted to fly to Spain over the next weekend with some friends. They wanted to fly on Thursday evening and I had to fly on Friday morning, because I have to work on Thursday and can't make it. Now my friends' flight has been cancelled due to strikes and I would be stuck in Spain alone. Is there anything I can do ?

We booked with the same airline(unfortunately Ryanair) but from different departure airports.

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    You can try to contact Ryanair, but you're basically at their mercy. – Henrik Jan 9 at 14:28
  • You could also check with your travel insurance provider, if they might reimburse you some or part of the trip. Appealing to Ryanair is usually pointless. They are cheap for a reason. – Johanna Jan 9 at 14:32
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    Do the travel. Traveling alone is not so bad. Probably not ideal (also because of such short term notification). Consider it just like the flight were cancelled at airport or other unpredictable nuisances. – Giacomo Catenazzi Jan 9 at 16:18

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