I am planning to invite my friend to Turkey so I figured I need to prepare an invitation letter. However I couldn't find a specific format. Can I have a sample or a format that fulfills the Turkey visa requirement?

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I was issued a similar kind of invitation letter for a conference. I hope this will help you

The Visa Officer, [Country Name] Embassy

Subject: Invitation Letter

Dear Sir/Madame, Please accept this letter as a formal invitation for [Full Name] .that has been invited to attend the [purpose for invitation], held at [location, complete address], [date]

Below are the passport details of [Full Name] Full Name
   Passport No:
      Expiry Date
    Date of Birth

Please note that all expenses during the [purpose] will be covered by [name / organization who is sending the invitation letter].

We, therefore, request that a [visa type] be issued to [full name]  to enable him to travel to [Location] to attend [purpose of invitation].

If you require any further clarification or information, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

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