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I'm applying for a passport and I'm unsure of what to put for this section. It's 160 for a 10 year passport, plus it says there's a 25$ fee. So do I just put 185?


I believe what you're referring to is the fee mentioned here in PPTC 153:

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As it says on the form, the $25 fee is included in the $160 application fee. It is not an additional fee. Further down, you can see that if you cancel your application or are refused, then only the $25 portion of the whole $160 is refundable.

So, you want to pay $160.

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    For non-native English speakers, the word included in this context describes membership, not addition. Membership: "Chocolate chips are included in this cookie" (Cookies contain chocolate). Addition: "I included a cheque with this envelope" (Envelopes do not normally contain cheques, so I added one). Thus, "the fee is included" means "the fee is contained", not "the fee is added". – Bill Mei Jan 9 '19 at 5:37

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