I have a business visa for Australia valid till end of this year(2019) but the passport it is linked to is about to expire. I have applied for a new passport which I will get within the next 14 days. As soon as I get my new passport, I will submit Form 929.

My problem is, I have to travel to Sydney, Australia as early as possible but I am not sure how much time it takes to process Form 929. Some say it takes 3 days, some say more. I need to factor this to book my Flight & Hotel early to save on cost.

  • You can update your passport details online via ImmiAccount instead of lodging a Form 929: immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/change-in-situation/passport-details – k2moo4 Jan 8 at 7:39
  • I applied for the visa using a paper application and my Application ID begins with 'IRIS'. As per immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/…, I cannot import this type of visa to ImmiAccount. For me, 929 is the only way. – sandeep kakkar Jan 8 at 8:04
  • @sandeep How did you know that the details changed ? – Binay Mar 1 at 4:19
  • I checked my details on myVEVO app using my new passport number. Earlier, the query used to fail with the new passport but was successful with the old passport. After check-in staff transferred the visa, the query with the new passport number was successful. – sandeep kakkar Mar 1 at 5:21

The automatic reply given when you submit a paper Form 929 is that it now takes approximately 4 weeks to process.

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    Interestingly, when the service was launched just last year, the promised timeframe was 5 business days. The current "2 weeks" may just be padding, as in my experience Oz immigration is faster than the estimates given. peakmigration.com.au/news/2018/day/1/… – jpatokal Jan 9 at 1:13
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    When I submitted, the autoreply was 4 weeks and it did take almost 4 weeks(25 days to be exact). Anyway, I travelled with both my old & new passport. I was flying BLR-SIN-SYD. While boarding SIN-SYD flight, ground staff transferred my visa to the new passport. This took almost 20 mins. – sandeep kakkar Feb 27 at 8:19
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    @sandeepkakkar Correct. Check-in staff (if they know the procedure - some of them don't) can telephone the Australian Government directly to transfer your visa to your new passport. – k2moo4 Feb 27 at 12:27
  • Hi @sandeepkakkar my parents have similar situation. I applied yesterday but it says it will take 4 weeks. How risky is it to travel with old and new passport? PS they don't speak English. Also I am ready to wait 4 weeks if I have to, but should I book tickets now or not until it get updated? Did you get any notification when it was updated? – The Java Guy May 21 at 22:41
  • @TheJavaGuy I don't think it is risky at all but If you can wait, then book tickets considering 4 weeks of buffer for visa transfer to happen. You will get it within 4 weeks for sure. In my case, I received an email after 25 days confirming that form 929 is processed and visa is transferred. – sandeep kakkar May 24 at 9:12

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