I have a friend who was deported from the US after committing an aggrevated felony. She wanted to know whether she can fly to mexico to visit.

  • Do you have any details about the felony? – Machavity Jan 7 at 15:18
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    Of course if she is honest on her visa application and is approved she can fly. Mexico is a sovereign country. – user 56513 Jan 7 at 15:21
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    @Alexus If we knew her nationality, the name of her crime, and her other immigration and travel history, someone here might be able to answer. Without this information, it's all guesswork. – DavidSupportsMonica Jan 7 at 15:52
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    @HonoraryWorldCitizen: Well, that's assuming she needs a visa. The citizens of 67 countries don't. If so then she can certainly fly to Mexico, but then the question is whether she would be denied entry on arrival. Which is certainly something someone would rather know in advance, given the inconvenience and expense. – Nate Eldredge Jan 7 at 15:52
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    Of course, she will have to fly directly to Mexico, or fly through another country than the US, as even transit requires a visa or visa waiver in the US. Depending on where she originates from, this may limit her options. – jcaron Jan 7 at 16:03