I arrived in Italy on a Schengen visa and overstayed in France for three months but no biometric was taken. Is it possible to apply to any other Schengen countries with a new passport? Now I want to go to Malta on a business visa. Will there be a chance of rejection?

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    What happened when you left Schengen? You say no biometric was taken, but were you questioned about having overstayed your visa? Was a record of your exit taken (e.g. by scanning your passport at the border, or by providing passport details to your travel company)?
    – thelem
    Jan 6 '19 at 20:45
  • If they realize that you are the same person who overstayed before, your application will probably be rejected. There is no certainty.
  • If your new passport has the same personal data as the old one, there is a possibility that they realize you are the same person.

So yes, there is a chance of rejection. It depends on the contents of various government databases which we do not know.

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