I arrived in Italy on a Schengen visa and overstayed in France for three months but no biometric was taken. Is it possible to apply to any other Schengen countries with a new passport? Now I want to go to Malta on a business visa. Will there be a chance of rejection?

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    What happened when you left Schengen? You say no biometric was taken, but were you questioned about having overstayed your visa? Was a record of your exit taken (e.g. by scanning your passport at the border, or by providing passport details to your travel company)? – thelem Jan 6 at 20:45
  • If they realize that you are the same person who overstayed before, your application will probably be rejected. There is no certainty.
  • If your new passport has the same personal data as the old one, there is a possibility that they realize you are the same person.

So yes, there is a chance of rejection. It depends on the contents of various government databases which we do not know.


If you apply for another Schengen visa it will most likely get rejected.

From an unofficial website about reasons for rejection:

What else could destroy one’s Schengen Visa application is earlier history with the Schengen Visa. Such cases include:

Failing to previously respect Schengen Visa limitations (i.e. Overstay in the Schengen Area, failing to follow the presented travel itinerary – by skipping to stay mostly in the main country of destination in the Schengen Area, and so on).

Even if you get back to your home country without any fine or ban, you should know that your overstaying will cause you problems the next time you attempt to enter the Schengen Zone. Immigration officers and border guards tend to be suspicious on people who overstay once, no matter in which country they were caught overstaying. Therefore, you will encounter difficulties on getting a Schengen visa or crossing the EU external borders.

Malta is part of the Schengen area so you will probably be rejected.

This only applies if the authorities notice your previous overstay but with no passport or biometrics taken, hope that it is unlikely they will notice it. Thanks @Nate Eldredge

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    Of course, this only applies if the visa authorities notice the previous overstay. OP seems to be hoping that, with no biometrics taken and a new passport, they will not connect his application with his previous overstay. Can you address that? – Nate Eldredge Jan 6 at 17:58
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    By the way, AFAIK schengenvisainfo.com is an unofficial site, so your quote isn't official government information. – Nate Eldredge Jan 6 at 17:59
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    Not only unofficial but known to present outdated and misleading information. – Henning Makholm Jan 6 at 18:01
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    The text you quote is not "from Schengen". schengenvisainfo.com is not an official site, but the work of a couple of people in Kosovo. – David Richerby Jan 6 at 18:54
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    Unlikely that they would connect them? Visa authorities have been able to connect applicants for many years across passports. With the same name/dob/nationality/birth city, it is pretty trivial. – MJeffryes Jan 6 at 20:04

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