I have read somewhere in the uk government web-page that every document that I send with my application for visa should be original and not a copy. But there is a problem because there are some documents that I cannot find as originals. My trip to England is going to be sponsored from my cousin that lives in england and is a british citizen so the embassy needs a bank statement from my sponsor. As I said he lives in england is it a problem if he sends me the bank statement by email (will this be called a copy from uk visa officer) ..?

  • Your cousin can snail-mail an original statement to you, and you can then include the original in your application. Mar 28, 2020 at 22:42

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Now some banks may no longer send paper bank statement to customer, so if the original of your brother's bank statement is electronic (e.g. PDF), I believe it's perfectly fine to have him email the document to you and print it out. And if there's indeed an original hard copy that your brother own, as @DavidSupportsMonica mentioned have him send you the physical copy.

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