I am flying to USA from EU for CES and I have a laptop and 3 tablets which I would like to take with me. Can I do that without any issues? Should I fill some paperwork before? Even though I am not eligible for ESTA (I have a traveller's visa) I have read this page: https://www.estavisaus.org/news/traveling-usa-laptop and found there's no limit, for electronics, but I doubt it is correct.


  • Are these tablets new? Are they 'commercial samples'? – Doc Jan 5 at 15:57
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    @Krystian Will you take these electronics out of the US when you leave after CES? – David Jan 5 at 16:15
  • @Krystian Two issues appear: a) entry into the US, and b) payment of customs duty. As to a), a brief search finds no evidence of any limit to the amount of personal or professional property you may bring with you. As to b), it makes logical sense that property you'll take with you when you leave the US should be exempt from duty...but I cannot find evidence of that, either. I'd imagine there's some way to "register" your property with CBP when you enter (similar to CBP's form 4457 for US residents traveling overseas), or to post a bond guaranteeing its removal, or to travel with a carnet. – David Jan 5 at 16:57
  • Another option is to register the devices with your country's customs agents so that you don't have trouble bringing them back. You could use that documentation when entering the US, possibly. – mkennedy Jan 5 at 17:31
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    The canonical way to do this sort of thing is the ATA carnet. But for three old tablets it probably isn't worth the trouble. – Michael Hampton Jan 5 at 23:51

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