I am a Nepali passport holder, right now in the Dominican Republic. I have a DR visa. Recently I thought of visiting Bolivia as a tourist. I can't find any direct flights to Bolivia. Do I need a visa to transit in either Panama or Colombia?

  • Welcome to the site. My edit was to make your question a bit more understandable; apologies if I have misunderstood. Am I correct that you are asking whether you need a visa to transit, or how to get one while in the DR, or both?
    – Giorgio
    Jan 5, 2019 at 15:58

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If you don't pass immigration in Panama you don't need a visa:

International travellers in transit in Panama do not require a visa provided they don't pass immigration and are staying less than nine hours.

(Source: VisaGuide)

A Colombia visa is not required:

A visa is not required for direct airside transit through Colombia. Traveler must be in possession of a valid passport and onward ticket, and must remain in the airport's transit area. Proof of Travel Arrangements: Confirmed round-trip or onward airline ticket.

(Non-governmental source)

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