I am flying from Prague CZ to Sydney Australia using Qatar airways. I believe I will have extra baggage over the 30kg limit. I am unsure how much over I will be but probably 5-7kg and dont really have a way to calculate my baggage weight.

Should I purchase extra baggage now (they sell in 5-10 kg intervals) or wait till checkin desk, see if they flag me for being 5kg over and pay at checkin?

  • No airline I know overlooks 5kg. If it’s cheaper online, pay online. Otherwise wait till the airport. – ThE iLlEgAl aLiEn Jan 3 at 14:26

I recommend purchasing it online.

If you know you are going to be over it is cheaper to purchase it online. They probably will weigh it.

Price per additional KG:

Online - 55 USD Offline - 70 USD

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