As the Uk visa services required that all documents should be in English or Welsh. Is there a valid time for a translated document ? Someone once told me that a traslated supporting document older than six month should not be submitted for UK visa application

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    What do you mean for "validity time"? In general the translation is valid as long the original document is valid. And often for visa the procedure and documents are pretty recent. Or you want to submit a document from some Norman wars (around 1100 AD) that you are British? I think you should describe some more your specific case. – Giacomo Catenazzi Jan 3 at 12:38
  • You apparently mix a submitted supporting document and its translation. – Neusser Jan 3 at 14:41
  • OP has not returned to clarify. Putting on hold. – Mark Mayo May 17 at 2:12

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