I want to bring above mentioned items in following quantities :

  • Tobacco - 500g.
  • Betel Nut - 1 Kg.
  • Edible lime - 500g.

Can I bring those items with me directly ? Or do I need some kind of pre-approval letter to bring those?

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    Chewing tobacco is banned for import – Roddy of the Frozen Peas Dec 30 '18 at 10:52
  • Thanks @RoddyoftheFrozenPeas , do you also know about other items mentioned ? – Chintan Joshi Dec 30 '18 at 11:22
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    No. I am also unsure about limits in quantity. I only know chewing tobacco and similar are forbidden. – Roddy of the Frozen Peas Dec 30 '18 at 11:30
  • Tobacco - 500g

500g is the max allowed quantity of any tobacco product other than cigarettes and cigars. However, chewing tobacco is prohibited Source 1 (in Arabic), Source 2 (in Arabic)

  • Betel Nut - 1 Kg.

Prohibited. Source (in Arabic)

  • Edible lime - 500g

No specific law for this product, but in general importing factory sealed food products is allowed, except if it contains a prohibited content.

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    Other than 200 cigarettes and 24 cigars, Nice Answer NDT – Accountant م Sep 2 '19 at 10:04

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