I will be travelling to Belarus soon and I have this little riddle to solve.

I have 2 cizitenship - Czech and Belarus. As far as I know, I always need to show my belarusian passport to belarusian authorities. So... leaving EU zone through Poland, I show my czech passport at polish customs, belarusian one in Belarus. When going back - vice versa.

Is my idea correct? Or belarusian custom officers may have curious questions about "how will I enter EU zone without visa"?

Main reason why I am asking this is, that dual cizizenship is legal in Czech, but not in Belarus.

Thank you for all ideas!

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Dual citizenship is allowed, but as you said, you must use your Belarusian passport to enter and exit Belarus.

If asked on exit how you'll enter the EU, say you have a Czech passport.

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