These screenshots are from "Episode 41 of "Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City" released on Mon Mar 28, 2016". YouTube has a clip of this scene.

I can't spot it beneath in this map created by a fan? This Reddit user's map pinpoints a ferris wheel, but not the scene beneath?

enter image description here

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The ferris wheel is located in Minatomirai on the waterfront. It shows up in a lot of picutes if you search for Minatomirai on Google images. (My Browser doesn’t have an URL in the URL bar for some reason so I cannot link but trust it should work. I am not linking to images directly for copyright reasons.)

Here is a Google Maps link to a spot where the scene may have been shot; if not, a little closer to the wheel but move as intended. I have included the Street view screenshot below.

Google Street View of Minatomirai ferris wheel


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