I have a question that currently Im in UK as a Tourist and I want to apply for the Visitor Visa of USA. Am i eligible to apply for the visitor visa from UK and what are my chances to get approved?

  • Your chances are close to zero in theory, in practice a little better. You get the idea. You are supposed to apply from your home country, except for serious exceptions like being a refugee etc. – Honorary World Citizen Dec 18 '18 at 14:45
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    Yes, you can apply. Chances depend on your traveller profile and other circumstances. – nikhil Dec 18 '18 at 16:15
  • You can apply but you are very unlikely to be approved as you probably will not be able to satisfy the consular officer that you do not intend to immigrate to the USA. Apply from the country where you live, if you wish to have a good chance to be approved. – Michael Hampton Dec 18 '18 at 16:58

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