I am at a conference at TSIMF, and the featured outing is an excursion to "the tourist area" tomorrow afternoon. I thought this was just informal terminology, but the (sparse) program materials refer to paying an entrance fee, and TSIMF's Sanya tour page features a picture of the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, which I guess is what is meant.

When I hear "tourist area", I think of a place that I want to avoid, far from paying to enter, where mainly it'll be a game of avoiding the people who want to sell me things. I am much more interested in seeing the nature on the island (as in my other question). However, the picture and brief description on the TSIMF page actually looks kind of appealing, even within these constraints. Does anyone have experience on whether it is worth it to pay to enter this area, and how enjoyable it is if you want mainly to see the sights rather than to shop?

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