I need to get from Boquete to Panama City (in Panama - not Florida!) on Sunday 3rd March 2019. I have found a timetable here however with that weekend being the start of carnival I would like someone with local knowledge to confirm that buses will be running. Will they be extremely crowded due to carnival? Is it possible, or advisable to make a reservation in advance?

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To answer my own question, buses from Boquete to David and from David to Panama City maintain the usual daily timetable throughout the carnival, and it was not a problem to buy a ticket on the day. In fact, tickets can only be bought on the day of travel. The early morning local bus from Boquete to David was somewhat crowded with a few people standing in the aisle. The long-distance bus from David to Panama City has assigned seats so even though most seats were occupied, it did not feel overly crowded.

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