I was recently denied an ESTA. Wasn't given a reason although I did not violate any of the terms. I filled in the DHS TRIP (Traveller Redress Inquiry Program) form, citing a denied ESTA as my reason for redress.

What is the normative response time, specifically with using it to appeal a denied ESTA? I submitted the required documents 6 days ago and my application is still under "Pending Paperwork", apparently it takes a long time to sort through. I'm short on time and would like to make my planned trip to the US. Applying for a visa doesn’t seem like an option as wait times are too long.

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DHS TRIP can take a month (or for another anecdote, 17 months) to get a response.

The recommended procedure if you're denied an ESTA for any reason, even if it's just a frustrating mistake that's not in any way your fault, is to apply for a US visa. If you're in the UK, it's conceivable that the US embassy may be able to grant an expedited appointment if you need a visa because you were denied an ESTA, so it's worth pursuing that option. A visa is really the best option to resolve this; I would not count on a favorable response from DHS TRIP in time.

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