I am applying for a UK standard visitor visa from Pakistan. My wife is a British citizen who moved here permanently earlier this year and we both work and live here full-time. We are planning on visiting her parents in London and will be travelling together. Can I attach her employment confirmation letter as evidence of economic ties to Pakistan? After all, with her being a British citizen and previously holding a well paid job in the UK, I had an easy route to move to the UK through settlement visa. However we had and still have no intention of settling there.

I am attaching my own employment confirmation letter (I have a full time professional job in a private company), however I also have a shareholding/investment in our Family business where I am listed as a Director. Should I show this under 'self-employed' category? I will be attaching company registration details and shareholding details as well.

I have recently received a substantial payment as a profit share/dividend from my family company. This can be traced as a bank transfer from company account to my personal account. I am worried if this may be seen as fund parking as it is higher than my regular salaried remuneration. I will be utilising this as spending money in the UK. Is it okay to attach the bank statements and a letter from the company certifying that this amount has been transferred as my profit share?

Would appreciate any advice here. Thanks in advance.

  • You are taking all the steps necessary to have a successful application. You should be fine. Add the company bank statement. – ThE iLlEgAl aLiEn Dec 12 '18 at 12:52

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