I am searching for ticket price for entering Mont des Arts (Kunstberg) in Brussels. Does anyone know how much it costs to enter the flower garden? I would like to just enter the garden, without having a tour-guided walk. I did not find the info on Internet. Is the place open to the public for free?


Mont des Arts/Kunstberg is an area containing many museums and other attractions. Those museums/galleries/etc generally require tickets, but the flower garden is a publicly-accessible space with no tickets or entry fees.

  • Thank you, your answer is really helpful. Yes i mean the flower garden only, i have seen montdesarts.com but they only explain ticket for the museums. – Andreas Syaloom Kurniawan Dec 11 '18 at 17:29

Is think this is it: http://www.montdesarts.com/

And on this page: http://www.montdesarts.com/en/contact/Brussels-Card ... it says this:

For more information on sales outlets and prices, go to: https://visit.brussels/en/sites/brusselscard/


It looks like that the Brussels-card give you access to 40 museums, but it doesn't say anything about Kunstberg (which is wierd, since it's mentioned on Kunstbergs website).

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