For 2 years I've been working as a programmer in Czech Republic and Germany. (having Czech passport) As I'm finishing my high school early while being 17 (will be 18 just for the small part of the gap year). I wonder if it's possible to work during the gap year outside Europe - all embassies I've asked offer work & travel visas for those over 18. Is there some other possibility, than being employed in EU while staying in countries like Israel, Singapore etc. on tourist visa?

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  • Do I get it right that you will turn 18 within a few weeks from starting to travel? As far as I know most working holiday visa are for those 18 and above. Not above 18. – Willeke Dec 8 at 11:09
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    To my mind "will be 18 just for the small part of the gap year" means that they will turn 18 late in the gap year. – DJClayworth Dec 8 at 16:37
  • Yeah, I could spend like 4 months of the gap year working. – J. Novák Dec 9 at 14:10