I want to travel from Khon Kaen to Lom Sak.

Is there a bus both from terminal 1 (I mean the old non-air conditioned bus station) and terminal 3 (I mean the new air-conditioned bus station)?

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The bus you want is the 874 bus route which is operated by this company. The bus takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes.

If you go to this page and look for Khon Kaen (ขอนแก่น) and look at the stops/ticket offices column (จุดจอด/จุดจำหน่ายตั๋ว) we find this address:

สถานีขนส่งผู้โดยสารจังหวัดขอนแก่น แห่งที่ 3 (จุดขึ้นรถ และจำหน่ายตั๋ว)

Which when translated means:

Khon Kaen Bus Terminal 3 (Bus pick up and ticketing point)

Therefore, you want terminal 3

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