Due to over-tourism, they removed from the center, but a colleague from NET told me they will put it back somewhere else.

Is this true? If so, does anyone know when and where?



It seems they will come back, but when and where is still unknown. From local news site AT5 (December 3rd):

Ze worden opgeknapt en daarna zullen ze rondreizen door de stad. Welke plekken ze zullen aandoen, is nog niet bekend.

DeepL Translate:

They will be restored and then they will travel around the city. The places they will visit are not yet known.

The Parool newspaper reports other places where you can still visit similar letters (there are 5 sets in total): Presumably you can still see them at Schiphol Airport, at the Hoekenrodeplein (haven't found this one yet) and near the Sloterplas.

  • The one at Hoekenrodeplein was by the small green mound just outside the train station. – kaqqao Jul 3 '19 at 9:43

According to the I Amsterdam characters page of the I Amsterdam website, the characters are traveling around:

  • Schiphol (airport)
  • Sloterplas in Amsterdam West (free running track, hard to make a good picture)
  • One set travelling around through events/festivals. (see the website)
  • Traveling set currently at Amsterdam Zuidoost at Hoekenrodeplein (Station Bijlmer ArenA).
  • A'DAM Lookout at Overhoeksplein near the water IJ in Amsterdam North.
  • Yes, I saw them already in a friend's photograph in Facebook - however I don't recall where was the photograph from. – gsamaras May 17 '19 at 18:01

There still is a i Am Amsterdam sign at Sloterplas. Its a lake in New West Area. Take 17 from Central and go out in Osdorp. Abouit 30 min with tram. You see a lake and on one side there still is a sign ;)

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