On making ticket payment (ryanair.com online booking), where I need to enter passengers names, I made a mistake:

  • In Child name field I put adult name
  • In Adult name field I put a child name.

Child is 4 years old.

Could it make any problems, at checking or board in?


It's highly unlikely that anybody will care: you're got the right names, the right number of seats and paid the correct fare. At last check Ryanair boarding passes don't even distinguish between adult and child, unless it's a lap child (not the case here). So odds are very high nobody will even notice, and in your shoes I would not do anything.

That said, Ryanair is famous for being bureaucratic and unreasonable, so there is a small but non-zero chance that you will encounter a pedantic ID checker who notices and raises a fuss. The only way to avoid this would be to do a double name change, but that would cost a minimum of €35/flight/person.

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