I was denied entry to India due to a visa technicality. I was advised by organisation I was travelling with to get tourist visa when I actually needed miscellaneous visa. Will this affect future travel to other countries if I have been refused once by a country, or if I want to re-enter India?

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    Not really. Every application is decided on its own merit. I would think that refusals by big western nations like UK, US would matter more, if they even do.
    – Ali Gajani
    Nov 28, 2018 at 4:00

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In many visa applications, you will be asked "have you ever been denied a visa elsewhere" or "have you ever been denied entry elsewhere" or something like that.

  • Having a travel history is usually a good point, since it shows that you have been a visitor and not an illegal immigrant in the past. Being denied a visa is the opposite of having a travel history.
  • A denied visa is much less serious than a refused entry or deportation.
  • Countries will weigh who denied the visa. If a sports journalist is denied entry by Russia, that might just mean he did his job reporting on doping.

What you should take from this is the importance of reading and understanding visa application documents which are submitted with your signature. Visa officials worldwide expect that you take responsibility for your application. Blaming an advisor or agent is a really bad idea.


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