I am in the process of applying for SENTRI passes for my family (myself, wife, 4 children). On this CBP help page it says:

Application Fee: $25.00 per person (or a maximum of $50.00 for husband, wife and minor children)
Fingerprint Fee: $14.50 (applicants 14 years of age and older)
System Cost Fee: $82.75 per person (or a maximum of $165.50 for a husband, wife and minor children)
Total Fee: $122.25 per person

I am aware I need to create an entirely separate login and application for all 6 members of my family, however after completing the first one I don't see where I am presented the option to link family member applications in order to have the application cost limited based on the parts I've bolded above.

How do I ensure I only pay the maximum $50 application and $165.50 system cost for my family SENTRI application?

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    Now that is a question! – Hanky Panky Nov 26 '18 at 18:08

I think I know the answer now. I wanted to complete all the applications before paying, so I filled them all in. I noticed that the payment information for my children said $0, whereas for myself and my wife it said $25 (application fee). I gather it gives the cost based on age not on whether you are linked to someone else's application.

enter image description here

I hit Submit Application here and it tells me the application is in progress, same as it did for my wife and me, but without requiring CC information first.

enter image description here

So it appears now I'll pay the $82.75 each for my wife and me, and $14.50 each for the two of us plus my two eldest children as they're over 14. Way better than $122.25 each for 6 of us.

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