Perhaps someone could provide some clarification. I'm planning on heading back to India next month. I already had an e-Visa issued in October which I used previously but it expires end of Dec so I'm applying for another.

The official website states "The passport should have at least two blank pages for stamping by the Immigration Officer." I have 4 blank pages in random locations in my passport but neither are consecutively blank, one beside the other. Any insight into whether this will cause any problems?

Thanks in advance.

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    Since the visa takes a page, the entry stamp has to be done on a separate page. The pages don't have to be adjacent. – Burhan Khalid Nov 26 '18 at 6:33
  • They don't have to be adjacent. You just need one page for the visa, and one page for the entry stamp. – Cody Dec 21 '18 at 20:30

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