We are holders of Lithuanian (EU) passports. I got visas to India for a year that will end next November 14th, passport of my two-year-old son will end on 10th of November since passports for babies expire every 2 years...

Would we be allowed to board a plane that lands anywhere in Schengen area on 8th of November next year or only one that lands in Lithuania (leaving two days of passport validity for my son)?

  • Many countries require a minimum passport validity for visitors to they can make leave again if the departure is delayed (e.g. by a medical emergency or cancelled flights). That is not an issue for EU citizens in the EU because they do not have to leave.
    – o.m.
    Nov 25 '18 at 21:10

You can land anywhere in the EU or the Schengen area with a valid passport. There is no need for the passport to be valid beyond the end of your stay.

This is specified in directive 2004/38/EC, article 5:

Member States shall grant Union citizens leave to enter their territory with a valid identity card or passport

I can also speak from firsthand experience traveling around the Schengen area last August with an EU citizen whose passport expired in September.

Article 6 allows countries to require you to have a valid passport or national ID card for the duration of your stay, but the details vary from one country to the next. In practice, it's unlikely to be a huge problem if your son's passport expires while you're in another EU country, but it might be simpler to renew it before you travel.

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