I uploaded a picture older than 6 months during my DS-160 application. I used the same picture of a previous Visa application, that had been already cropped with the online tool and so I tought it was good and I used it without reading the requirements (ouch!). Does someone know if this can cause a Visa denial or if I have a chance to obtain it anyway (like bringing to the interview an updated picture)? Thanks a lot.

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    @Fattie For what it's worth, the DS-160 is the form for US non-immigrant visas. Nov 22, 2018 at 18:10

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Does someone know if this can cause a Visa denial

I have in the past used pictures as old as seven or more years for visa applications (including USA visas) because I could not be bothered to take new ones.

Once the software accepts your picture, you are pretty much covered. You can carry of a more recent representative picture along if that makes you feel more comfortable however I have never heard a case of someone denied a US visa because of a picture.

I have not seen anything in the Foreign Affairs Manual that says reject/deny a visa application because of a picture.

Affixing Photograph to Nonimmigrant Visa Applications: The applicant will either electronically upload a picture file into Form DS-160 or have his/her photo taken at the time when the applicant submits to biometric collection at an Applicant Service Center. In some cases, applicants who are unsuccessful in uploading a photo may have to submit a physical photo to the consular section.

I don’t recommend doing what I did

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