The text is online. Or Lonely Planet Maui (2017 edn), p. 65.

Waipoli Road Holy cow! What's happening?! Yep, this devilish road sneaks up on you. One minute you're gazing tranquilly over a pretty lavender farm, the next minute you're navigating a tight series of rising blind curves that surely can't fit two cars at once. And wait, was that the bottom of my rental car scraping the edge of the road? OK, try to relax. Just watch the paragliders floating overhead. They sure are pretty. Twist. Turn. Twist. Will this road ever end? Yep, for most rental cars it ends at the entrance to the Kula Forest Reserve, where signage makes it clear that 4WD vehicles [I bolded.] are the only way forward on the unpaved nightmare just ahead.

  1. This other post didn't recommend 4WD for this road. So is the quote overhead correct?

  2. What exactly does 4WD involve for 4 adult travellers? Does a small SUV suffice, like Ford Eco Sport, Toyota RAV4, or Hyundai Santa Fe? If not, an Elite SUV, like Audi A3 or BWW X3? Or is an off-road vehicle necessary, like the Jeep Wrangler?