Can I use a new, chipped german ID card (Personalausweis) at the e-passport-gates in the UK, e.g. at Heathrow airport? It has also a biometrical chip, but carries another symbol than the passport.

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No, I can confirm the e-gates won't take IDs, so you must approach an officer (EU or non-EU - as an EU citizen you can go wherever is quicker)


You must use a passport to use the ePassport gates

You’re from an EEA country and Switzerland

You can use the EU/EEA channel to get your passport or identity card checked - this is usually faster than the other channels.

You can use automatic ePassport gates at some airports if your passport has a ‘chip’ on it and you’re 12 or over. If you’re between 12 and 17, you must be accompanied by an adult.

These gates use facial recognition technology to check your identity against the photo in your passport.


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