I am Romanian and I traveled to Ecuador for 84 days (the limit of my EU passport, without visa, is 90 days).

The official website says that I can be in Ecuador for maximum 90 days, without visa. I assume 90 days / year, but that is something which is not specified.

Without doing any requests to officials (to extend my stay or something like that), when will be the next time when I can travel to Ecuador?

Let's assume my first time was between September 2018 — December 2018.

When is the next time when I can return to Ecuador, with my EU passport?

  • Are you working there? You may be asked to explain how you’re supporting yourself if you try to enter again visa-free – Traveller Nov 12 '18 at 14:48

I asked the lady from the airport passports office when I can go again. She said:

  • I have the right to be in Ecuador for 90 days in one year

    That means, during one chronological year, I can stay in Ecuador 90 days, even if I leave the country and come back, meaning: if I arrived in 24 September 2018, and stay until in December, for 85 days, until 23 September 2019, I still have 5 days to use without visa or anything, just with my passport.

    On 24 September 2018, I have again 90 days.

  • If I want to extend the stay, I can make a request to get 90 days more.

  • The 90 day period is not reseting when I reenter in the country

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