I’ve got my eye on a new epic adventure: driving up to Tromsø to see the midnight sun. I will probably start in Netherlands.

In my home country Netherlands, the weather is very pleasant in May. In fact, the weather is alright year round. I don’t even own winter tires for my car. That is a big contrast with Norway, especially north-Norway. I needed snow chains on my last trip there. That was in winter though. Winter tires aren’t useful over normal tires above 7 degrees, but they do work well in snowy conditions.

How are the roads to Tromsø in late May? Will summer tires be sufficient? Will I need to swap tires halfway the trip? If so, how do I judge where? Would all seasons be a better idea?

Please note: Yes, flying would be easier, but it wouldn’t be a road trip if I took the plane, right?

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    Weather in Tromsø May 2018. No, you probably don't need winter tires.
    – Tomas By
    Nov 11, 2018 at 22:46

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You would be fine with summer tires in May. We are not allowed to drive with studded tires after 1st of May if there is no snow/ice on the road, which is almost never is. https://www.vegvesen.no/om+statens+vegvesen/presse/nyheter/nasjonalt/piggdekk-og-sommerdekk

  • Studded tires are generally prohibited in the Netherland, in Germany and many other continental European countries. Nov 12, 2018 at 15:12

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