I am Lebanese, and I have a passport valid until 2020. I have a Bulgarian national visa D. Can I travel in EU countries without a Schengen visa?


Per TIMATIC, the database used by airlines, you can travel to Croatia, Cyprus and Romania on a Bulgarian D visa, but not to Schengen countries, the UK or Ireland. For those, you need separate visas unless holding a family member residence card.

  • Thank you for the information, I have a sister living in Austria and she holds a resident card there, how she can help me to visit her ? – Heissam Nov 11 '18 at 0:36
  • @Heissam She cannot; it's up to you to convince the Austrian embassy that you're a bona fide visitor and will return to Bulgaria. Do bring a notarised letter from her explaining the dates and purpose of your trip. – Crazydre Nov 11 '18 at 0:49

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