I'm traveling from Toronto, Canada to India via Connections in London Heathrow & Kuwait in an Indian Passport.

  • Canada to London (Terminal 2) 6.55 hr layover - Air Canada
  • London(Terminal 4) to Kuwait(Terminal 4) 6.10 hr layover - Qatar Airways
  • Kuwait(Terminal M) to India 4.5 hr layover - Qatar Airways

My doubts are:

  1. Do I need a Visa either in London or Kuwait?
  2. Does Air Canada do the baggage transfer in London to my connecting flight?
  3. Someone also told me that to transfer from terminal 2-4 in London, we need to go out of the airport and I believe we need a Visa for that. But my travels is saying it is not required.

All of these bookings are on a single ticket booked via flight center. I've contacted the airlines and flight center but didn't get a confident reply. I really appreciate your answers.


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Since your flights are on a single ticket, the airline will almost certainly transfer your bags. For peace of mind, you can confirm this when you check in  ask the check-in agent if your bags are checked through to your final destination or if you'll need to pick them up in London and/or Kuwait.

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