Does anyone have experience purchasing a return shipping label from the visa scanning hub in New York? The VFS Global website does not have that location as an option. I am not using a premium visa application location. Just mailing it in myself after my biometrics appointment.

Also, I keep running into a section where it wants me to upload all of my documents before being able to purchase my shipping label (even for a visa services location) I am tempted to purchase a shipping label from the UPS site but the VFS website says it must be a VFS label.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've emailed VFS multiple times now.

  • I am facing the exact same situation. How did you resolve it? I am going to be purchasing my own UPS shipping label and just pray it comes back to me. Please let me know if you found a better solution Commented Nov 30, 2018 at 18:24

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It seems that you do not need to purchase the shipping label from VFS unless you wish to use their premium service. You are free to use a pre-paid, self-addressed UPS shipping label for passport/document return. Quoting from VFS FAQ:

8. Document return

Customers who attend a Premium Application Centre, will have their passport returned to them by courier following the decision on their application, as part of the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Settlement Package purchased.

Customers who visit an Application Support Center for their biometric appointment are advised to use one of the UPS courier services offered by VFS Global. If you choose not to purchase this service from us, you may use a courier company of your choice to send your passport/documents to the UKVI Visa Processing Hub, but you must provide a pre-paid, self-addressed UPS shipping label for passport/document return.

This seems to be backed up by this other similar question: How to generate UK Visitor Visa Shipping label for VFS Global

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