My father had unexpected surgery and lives in Canada, Ontario. He is in icu on ventilator. If I need to go ASAP for a few days do I need a passport? I have never had one. I would be leaving from Houston,Texas.

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I'm sorry to hear about your father. There are a few different forms of travel documents that are acceptable for this trip, but if you're traveling by air and don't have a passport, getting a passport is going to be necessary.

Assuming you're a US citizen, the State Department can get you a passport nearly immediately for an emergency like this. See Get a Passport in a Hurry. You can call them anytime to make an emergency appointment at the passport office in Houston, but you'll still need the required documents for your application. You'll go to the office, hand everything over, pay the fee, and leave with a passport.


If your father is in or near Toronto, and if you renewed your Texas drivers license recently and it is RealID compliant (it has a gold star on it), you’ll be able to fly from Texas to Buffalo, New York; then rent a car (make sure they know you’re going to Canada) or take the bus, train, or taxi to Toronto.

An EDL driver’s license is good at land crossings. You can’t take an international flight unfortunately.

Update: unfortunately it looks like while Texas has RealID driver licenses, they aren’t Enhanced Drivers Licenses.

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