I am applying for US passport renewal. I will use the regular application service (as opposed to the expedited one), so the fee is $110, and I will also choose 1-2 day delivery, which costs $15.89. I wonder if I need to write a single check in the amount of $125.89 or if I need to write two separate checks, one in the amount of $110 and another in the amount of $15.89. Thanks!

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I think the language implies one check. Include the delivery service fee with your passport fee in your check. Implies one check to me because check is singular.

1-2 Day Delivery Service

You may choose one or both of the following shipment options:

  • Delivery to us: Purchase 1-2 Day Delivery service at a post office or other passport acceptance facility for faster shipping of your application to us. The price for 1-2 Day Delivery service varies depending on the area of the country.

  • Return to you: Include the $15.89 1-2 Day Delivery service fee with your passport fee in your check or money order payable to the U.S. Department of State for faster return shipping.

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    I would argue that "include the delivery service fee with your passport fee in your check" specifies a single check explicitly rather than implicitly.
    – phoog
    Oct 17, 2018 at 16:47

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