I have an activated D-visa from Poland which is valid from 1 Oct 2018.

Almost immediately before my D-visa's activation, I stayed in another Schengen country for close to 3 months with a C Schengen visa.

I understand that with a D-visa I can go to other Schengen countries under the 90/180 day rules. So my question now is - can I still do that? or I have to wait for another 3 months because of my previous travel under my C-visa?


The rules are:

  • You cannot stay longer than 90 out of 180 days in Schengen on any combination of visas.
  • With a national D visa, time spent in that country does not count against the limit.

So you have at most a few days in other Schengen countries left.


I asked a similar question and got this from a Schengen consulate: "Indeed the 90/180 rule in the SHORT STAY VISA, is independent from the stay allowed in the VISA D (90/180 days) in other Schengen country than the one which issued the visa D."

Indeed a Danish official website shows sth similar: "“Residence not included in the 90 day period

If you have stayed in Denmark … on the basis of a long-stay visa limited to another Schengen country (D-visa) this stay is not included in the maximum of 90 days in any 180-day period that you are allowed to stay in Denmark on a visa or as a visa-free.”

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