The Lukeville border crossing (US-Mexico) apparently has a US exit checkpoint, which is a huge advantage for foreign visitors, as their exits need to be electronically recorded.

(for those who don't know, the US doesn't do border control on exit in general, and a US exit stamp doesn't exist)

What other crossings, if any, have this facility? Particularly at the Mexican border, since when entering Canada, the information is transmitted by Canada to the US anyway.

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    Is there anything at Lukeville that actually would record your exit differently from other border crossings? They may have people there sometimes who are interested in looking for weapons or currency, but that doesn't inherently mean they collect passports and electronically record exits there. – Zach Lipton Oct 6 '18 at 6:55
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    @ZachLipton What it means is that there are CBP officers available to help you with it. "Hello, I'm going to Mexico and am not returning anytime now, so could you please record my exit in the I-94 system?" Normally when exiting to Mexico by land, it's not recorded at all, which obviously isn't an issue for US citizens, but could well be for foreigners, esp. VWP travellers. – Crazydre Oct 6 '18 at 6:58

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