The person (minor child) in question is a dual citizen (Pakistan/USA). He has valid passports of both countries. I am aware of the question on how to use two passports while traveling.

I want to know if he really needs a NICOP to enter/exit Pakistan or will his Pakistani passport suffice. Is it the law that all Pakistanis having dual nationality require a NICOP? If there is, can someone please provide a reference to it.

I have scoured the internet, nadra and the D.C. embassy website for information but can't find anything. Furthermore, the Pakistani embassy never picks up a phone call.

Does anyone here have relevant/recent experience?


You can use either your Pakistan passport OR a NICOP. You don't need a NICOP if you have a passport. However, you will generally be required to have a foreign passport if you're travelling on your NICOP.

This thread: https://www.siasat.pk/forums/threads/question-for-overseas-pakistanis.362036/


According to TIMATIC, the database used by check-in staff at airports, you need:

a. Pakistani passport


b. Foreign passport and NICOP.

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