Here are "normal" nail clippers -

enter image description here

Here's the "other" type of nail clipper

enter image description here enter image description here

{These seem to be called "German" nail clippers, "European" nail clippers, "medical" nail clippers, "professional" nail clippers", or sometimes they are called toenail nail clippers.}

{I've only evert used this "other" type of nail clipper.}

In fact, can you take the "other" type of nail clipper, in carryon baggage on a flight - from the USA say?

I couldn't really find any guidance on this. (Since the "other" type of nail clipper is not clearly named, it's a bit tricky to google also.)


PS I'm fairly sure you're allowed to take the "normal" type nail clipper in hand baggage, even with the TSA/USA.

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    The closest items I could find in the official TSA list are pliers (allowed if under 7 inches in total length) and scissors (allowed if blade less than 4 inches). So I strongly suspect they are allowed. That page has info on how you can ask TSA directly via Twitter or Facebook Messenger, if you want a definitive answer. Commented Oct 1, 2018 at 23:59
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    These clippers are basically the same as diagonal cutters meant for cutting wire, but I didn't see anything on the TSA list under that name, unless you consider them as included under "pliers". Commented Oct 2, 2018 at 0:01
  • ah, that's a great answer @NateEldredge ! I forgot .. as you say scissors ARE allowed, so it makes sense. (Tiny scissors?)
    – Fattie
    Commented Oct 2, 2018 at 2:33

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As with many items when it comes to hand luggage, they will not be listed in the instruction pages as it's impossible to make a closed-ended list.

Therefore, the security officers will fall back to the general rules of sharp items and decide on spot based on their judgement and familiarity with the object.

I can't say I have seen these clippers on-board before, but I think they will be allowed since items that look more "sharp" are already allowed.

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