My Schengen visa is expired but im still here in poland.Can i go out in the country anytime even i applied for the extension of my schengen? Im worried. Im a Filipino and married for a Poland citizen.

Thankyou and regards.

  • Normally an overstayer in the Schengen area can expect to be fined and/or deported and/or banned from re-entry once they present themselves to the authorities - usually at an airport on departure. Your situation is more complex because you are married to an EU citizen. You should ask your question on Expatriates, where they are more able to answer questions about long-term residency. – user79658 Sep 26 '18 at 4:43
  • but i applied for extension of my schengen visa already. I just cant wait until its done. Bc they said i will have to get an appointment after 2 months. Thats was long waiting. I just wana know if i can go out the country and not banned because i tried to extend my visa. Were 2 years couple already. Thank you for your answer. – Amor Sep 26 '18 at 8:06

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