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I am taking a flight from Amsterdam to Delhi via London Heathrow Airport. I have a British Airways flight to London and a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Delhi. The customer care on British Airways has confirmed that I can do a through check-in, meaning I don't have to collect my baggage at London and check it in again. I have a layover of about 6 hours in London, and the next flight is on the same calendar day. I am an Indian national.

Can anyone who has been through the same situation clarify if I would need a transit visa for London? Also, I don't hold any other visas right now (USA, Australia etc). I am traveling to Europe on a tourist (type C) visa, and this is my flight back to India. Drop a comment if you'd need additional information!

According to the UK website, I would need a transit visa, but is there any possibility that people have traveled along the same route and it wouldn't be required if I'm not leaving the airport? My flights are non-refundable and Virgin Atlantic has declined to refund any partial amount as well.

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  • According to U.K.gov you need a gov.uk/transit-visa/direct-airside-transit-visa. – Traveller Sep 24 '18 at 9:37
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    Yes, that's true. But there are multiple answers on the exact same question on Quora where many travelers did not have a transit visa and got away with it. I wanted to know if any traveler was able to transit through london meeting the actual requirements before I cancel my flight. – Anuj Menta Sep 24 '18 at 9:43
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    So I checked the website. You do need a transit visa as @Traveller mentioned. I didn't notice that you don't hold a residence permit issued by an European Economic Area (EEA) – Arpit Bajpai Sep 24 '18 at 10:08
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    @ArpitBajpai it's rather absurd that the UK waives the transit visa requirement for those with visitor visas from non-EU countries such as the US and New Zealand but not for those with type-C Schengen visas, but it is nonetheless true. Anuj Menta: perhaps those who succeeded had a qualifying document. It seems that you do not, however. – phoog Sep 24 '18 at 12:31
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    I don't understand your question. You've looked at the official UK requirements and they say you need a visa. That completely answers your question. You've also found some people on internet forums giving the unofficial advice that you don't need a visa. You don't entirely believe that, so you've gone to a different internet forum to ask for more unofficial advice. What could we possibly say that would be more convincing than the official UK Government advice? – David Richerby Sep 24 '18 at 14:57

Virgin Atlantic have to refund you the airport taxes.

And no, a Schengen short-stay visa is not enough to transit a UK airport without a visa. You will be denied Boarding in Amsterdam if you try.

The people who did transit successfully must have had a visa/residence permit of Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the US, or a Schengen long-stay visa or residence permit, or possibly the check-in staff missed the visa requirement (which they can be heavily fined for)

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